Functional Fertility Footpath
for Preconception

To support you to develop optimum fertility, build the roots and foundations for your fertility, I use a functional medicine approach considering your whole body.  Understanding whether your body is functioning as it should will give you the best chance of conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy to term.  Ideally both partners should be involved in the programme in order to address your combined fertility.  

No two people are the same, so the programme is tailored to support your unique body, health and fertility history.  In addition to personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to optimise your fertility, your programme may include appropriate research backed functional tests to truly get to the root of any imbalances whether hormonal, gut or deficiency related.  A personalised supplement programme may be part of your protocol, if  it is supportive to your journey to conception and pregnancy.

When you work with me, you will learn how to support your hormones, address any imbalances which are affecting your whole body wellness and therefore your ability to conceive.  This programme is for you whether you wish to conceive naturally, have experienced miscarriage and are afraid to try again or want to give your IVF cycle the best chance of success.

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The Blossoming Pregnancy Programme

During pregnancy, supporting both your health and the health of your unborn baby through nutrition is vital.  Let me support you to blossom throughout pregnancy! Pregnancy can be an uncertain time for many, particularly if you have experienced infertility. Focussing on support and nutritious abundance can help to alleviate some of the anxiety.


Your body requires higher amounts of certain nutrients to allow you to thrive despite the necessary depletions of pregnancy.  This programme will support you to understand the latest research-based prenatal nutrition.  Nourishing and supporting your body during your pregnancy is absolutely key to alleviating postpartum depletion and signposting a healthy postnatal period.

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Fabulously Functional Postpartum Recovery Programme

During the postnatal period, your body needs to replenish nutrients utilised during pregnancy as well as the nutrients required to nurture and heal your body following childbirth. 

The early months postpartum can be a demanding period for most new parents. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, knowing which foods to focus on sets the foundation for a healthy postpartum period as well as the years beyond. Choosing nourishing foods and honouring the postpartum period supports a healthy and sustainable pathway to parenthood.

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