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I always wanted to have a family but I was a driven career girl and only met my fiancé when we were in our thirties. We were both workaholics and high achievers but we knew that having a family at the centre of our life was an absolute priority. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out to be straight forward for us and as the months went on, the failure of every negative pregnancy test when everyone around us was having babies was devastating. We really feared whether we would ever be able to conceive and wondered if we had left it too late. One month, the miraculous two lines did emerge on the test! We were so elated and couldn’t believe it was really happening.

To be safe, we decided to scan early. All was well, a tiny beating heart was at work! But at week 10, the world came crashing down around our ears with the words ‘there’s no heartbeat’ and ‘baby has died’. No one can prepare you for how you will feel when you lose a pregnancy.  We were heartbroken and I really didn’t think we could get any lower.

A few months later, I sadly miscarried again, an earlier loss but loss just the same. In the UK, you aren’t entitled to any investigations until after a third miscarriage.  We didn’t know why this was happening to us and whether I would ever be able to carry a baby to term. We were rock bottom. I was afraid there was something wrong with me or that I was too old.  I felt completely lost.

The one area we hadn’t considered was nutrition and lifestyle. Were we doing the right things? I read and researched every day. We started to eat to optimise not only our overall health but also our reproductive health. We took a few targeted supplements following some blood tests. And we did a check-up on our lifestyle from exercise to bedtime routine to ensure we were giving ourselves the best chance.

To our total astonishment it worked!! I got pregnant and gave birth to healthy twin boys!  We were totally amazed and overjoyed that it had worked after all our previous pain.   

These days I’m so grateful to have two little boys in my life who call me mum. After they were born, I retrained to become qualified in nutritional therapy at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition and since then I have completed many hours of continuous professional development specialising in fertility nutrition. I take a ‘functional medicine’ approach to supporting clients, focusing on the individual and their particular set of health needs.

My passion is to help women and couples like you to have your miracle babies too!  

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What My Clients Say

I saw Kirsten over two sessions regarding poor gut health and feeling very low in energy.  It was affecting all aspects of my life and I had got to rock bottom with it.  Learning about how different foods affect my gut and learning to eat more mindfully has really helped me to feel more energetic as well as control my painful gut. Thank you again.

Steve, London

Our daughter has suffered with eczema and psoriasis since she was very young, causing not only great discomfort but a loss of self confidence.  She also has coeliac disease.  Through her sessions with Kirsten, she has developed a greater understanding of her condition and how the foods she eats can impact her energy, mood and eczema.  As a result, she has adapted her diet and added some supplements – her psoriasis has cleared up and her eczema is greatly improved!  She is much happier – thank you!!

Suzi, Norfolk

I found Kirsten after two 1st trimester baby losses. I was feeling very hopeless and scared to try again and a friend had recommended I looked into nutrition. Kirsten has been amazing – I have totally changed the way I eat and plan my meals for the week to make sure I am giving my body what it needs. She also helped me find some great supplements that would help me too. I feel so much better for the changes I’ve made whilst working with Kirsten and It was really good for me to have something to focus on and have some control over too. I am now over 20wks pregnant, everything is going well so far and I will be forever grateful that I found Kirsten. Thanks again Kirsten!

Emma, Devon

How Can I Help You?


Environmental toxins from pesticides, household products and cosmetics often contain endocrine disrupting chemicals which impact hormone balance.  Learn how to identify these and lessen their effects on your fertility.


Understand the power of mind body connection for optimum fertility.  Self care is vital, particularly if your journey includes pregnancy loss.  Find your tribe and engage with a like-minded community.


Find out how movement is an integral part of your fertility journey.  Movement supports blood circulation and hormonal balance, your cycle and delivery of essential nutrients to all cells.  Learn which forms of exercise best support your fertility.


The food we eat provides support and information to our hormones. Learn how to harness nutrition to balance your hormones, aid detoxification and provide whole body wellness from conception, to pregnancy and carrying a healthy baby to term.

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